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Selected projects

Urban Landscape-Hotel Radisson Collection

Hotel Radisson Collection Old Mill and business building New Mill Belgrade, 2014

Design and construction with the procurement of materials from renowned European nurseries. Area 1200m2 including 300m2 green roof. Project team of landscape architects Marija Nikolić and Tijana Radovanović. The construction works were performed by Gras Garden in cooperation with the project team.

Cvetne dekoracije MN studio

Scenography and floral design for VIP evening EUROSPORT, May 2019.

Conceptual concept and realization of scenography of the space for the event in the TOP of the HUB, 25th floor of "Usce" Belgrade, in honor of Mr. Mats Wilander.
Event organization Superdot agency.
Scenography and flower decoration MN studio-Marija Nikolić.


Private garden 1500m2, Belgrade, 2018.

Preliminary concept, main project with material specification, procurement of specific types and materials, execution. This project includes 500m2 of green roofs. The arrangement of the yard was performed according to the project task to provide a functionally-pleasant family ambience, aesthetically-economically justified.
Project-construction team of landscape architects Tijana Radovanović and Marija Nikolić.

Cvetne dekoracije Marija Nikolic

Pop up florist Urban and Wild, Belgrade Flower Festival, September 2019.

As part of the 9th Belgrade Flower Festival, a two-day flower shop was created on Dorcol Platz with the aim of promoting and supporting local flower producers.


Urban and Wild Flower Shop was designed and realized by MN studio Marija Nikolić. Floral decorations were made for the festival visitors according to their wishes.

An interactive flower corner designed in this way is great content for your special event that will create an MN studio.

Uredjenje dvorista MN studio

Sensory garden in primary school for children with special needs, Belgrade, 2017.

On a surface of 700m2, a sensory garden was created, which is specific for various natural substrates, groups of plants classified by color, texture and fragrant characteristics. Elements such as water, organic fruit, vegetable, spice, and musical instruments complete the fragrant - green oasis intended for children with special needs for the purpose of sensory - motor stimulation and relaxation in the elementary school "Radivoje Popović". Landscaping, conceptual design, procurement of materials, performance organized by MN studio - Marija Nikolic.

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