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in the service of nature

With the vision to encourage good emotions with my work and creative expression in people

Nature is the biggest partner in my work, inspiration and creation.

The planetary artist has created an endless palette of colors and forms that in her work, through landscaping and floral decoration, I use every day and connect with different needs of people, always following her postulates of survival and sustainability.

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Landscape architecture

I build my projects as living works of art that are transformed from season to season, from year to year, and as such I never leave them to chance.
As a passionate admirer of nature, I approach the design of green areas primarily from the aspect of environmental conditions, and then according to the possibilities for economically justified maintenance.

Floral design and green interiors

The spirit of wild nature from all meridians is woven into my floral design created according to the sensibility of each client, always with a dose of casualness.

I see man-made interiors as spaces based on a biophilic design approach, which, in addition to a balanced aesthetic, have beneficial functions to the rhythm of today's life.

Multidisciplinary projects

The various realized ideas and projects make up my decade-long work in the fields of the relationship between the urban environment and nature, man and the environment, the quality of production and consumption of planting material, some of which are:

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About me

Marija Nikolic

landscape architect

As a student, I began to pursue my profession through the design of private yards, gardens and catering interiors, discovering the development and design of complex landscapes by participating in the landscaping of the Golf Course in Belgrade. I finished my studies of landscape architecture in 2004 in Belgrade, and then my life took me to France, where I stayed for more than a decade. Walking through the Parisian world of art and the cultural and historical heritage of France, I see my profession through a different prism, and my creative perspectives are changing and expanding. Appetites for floral decorations and landscapes with history are growing in the need to realize them in my city, whence the great enthusiasm for starting the association Belgrade Flower Festival, in 2010. As a member of the French Federation of Landscapers since 2004, I have been studying and discovering the growing ecological significance in the application of landscape architecture and all its elements. All this forms an authentic, personal approach through which I see the beauty and significance in the diversity of living and non-living nature - with all the senses.

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Marija Nikolic-MN studio

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.

It will never fail you."

Frank Lloyd Wright

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